Alex Thomson And Vendee Globe

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Alex Thomson has his own stories to tell as he has completed the eighth edition of the Vendee Globe tour that had a total of 29 skippers participating across the nations and four continents. Alex Thomson can be considered to be the first winner from Britain of this historic solo world race in sailing.

He recounted in the media his experiences of the day the group set sail from the Les Sables d’Olonnne on November 6th. For him the race was the fourth attempt. The atmosphere was incredible among the thousands of people who came to see the skippers off. He admits that waving goodbye to his family is the hardest thing to do, but his wife understands that it is his life’s ambition and supports him in his endeavors. Continue reading

Seychellois Sailor Wins Gold & Silver

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Allan Julie the sailor from Seychellois won gold medal in the African championship under the laser standard category. The event took place in Maputo in Mozambique.

After winning the championship Julie shared his thought and said, “The championship was tough and I was competing with sailors that were much younger to me, I am very happy with the result and my performance too. Now I am feeling motivated, I think at this age, I have potential to win the tournament then I think I have lots more to give.,” He further added that “All the participants of the category in which I was competing had come back from recently held Olympic Games and in this entire year, in this category; I have not completed any championship. Thus, the championship was challenging to me and I had to put all my efforts to the best to win,” Talking about the preparation made for this event Julie said, “I did not do any extra thing except focusing on fitness and skill. But yes, I participated in various regional sailing competitions in August to stay motivated and brush my skills.” Continue reading

Bertrand Very Happy To Win Etchells Worlds

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The Etchells Worlds was held at the Cowes form 5th to the 10th September 2016. John Bertrand and his team comprising of Paul Blowers and Ben Lamb were adjudged the overall winners of the Cowes Etchells Worlds. Bertrand was over the moon after winning the Etchells and said that it has been a roller coaster ride.

Bertrand has won the Etchells Worlds for the second time in his career. What makes this win even more special is that he has won it at the age of 69. He said that he had put together this team to compete in the Worlds and was happy that the team was able to pull it out at the Cowes. The last time Bertrand won it was in 2010 when Tom Slingsby was at the bow. Now the team has Ben Lamb in place of Tom and he has had a wonderful week, according to Bertrand.

His other sailing partner Paul Blowers knows the UK waters in and out having helped set up Yacht Charter in Scotland and this helped the team to sail better on it. Winning the worlds is always special because a lot of tough teams and popular sailing teams compete in the Worlds. The sailors taking part in the Worlds are from all over the world and also from every aspect of the sailing sport. Continue reading

Extreme Sailing Series Update

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The Extreme Sailing Series that is going on at the Madeira Islands saw a lot of conflicts coming up, especially on the penultimate day.

It was Act 6 when there was a collision between the Red Bull Sailing team and Alinghi team. The result was the Alinghi team lost their mast. Both teams have been pushing hard at each other from the beginning of the Act, especially the first two days. On the third day the drama went up another notch. On this day the Austrian Red Bull Sailing team came across the starting line at high speed and they got too close to their opposing team Alinghi. The result was that the front of the Swiss boat got clipped as a result.

The two boats being GC32 catamarans, the impact was high between the two super fast boats. A crucial part of the rigging of Alinghi snapped and their 16.5 carbon fiber mast as well as sails fell into the water. The safety team of the series came along to be by the boat and to ensure that the sailors remained safe and that no more damage was sustained. As the sailors had buoyancy aids as well as helmets along with their guests there was no injury experienced by anyone. Continue reading

Sailing Champions

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There are several inspirational stories behind the contestants who would be appearing in the windsurfing event in the Games of this year. For instance, there are athletes like Ricardo Santos, who would be taking part in the Games for the fifth time and is a legacy for the athletes from his country, having the Games being hosted in the native country.

There are others, such as Byron Kokkalanis who would be coming in from Greece. With Athens known to have a legendary association with the Olympics, the competitors from this country have historic relations with this event. Byron aspires to reach levels that his compatriot did, Niko Kaklamanakis who won the gold medal in 1996 in Athens as well as won the silver medal in 2004 at the same venue. He also lit the Olympic flame in the Athens 2004 event. Continue reading

Entries open for Three Peaks Yacht Race entries open

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The thirty-ninth season of the well known Three Peaks sailing and hill-running race is now set open to old-hands as well as first-times alike, and it is you who would be taking part. The Three Peaks race to take place on 11th June, next year, is now open for registration.

It is one of the oldest as well as multi-sport survival races in the world. This is a unique event blending running, sailing as well as a little cycling, with the kinky feature that rowing is allowed in moments of calm. It takes contestants in some of the highly prominent scenery in United Kingdom and it really challenges both sailors’ as well as runners’ navigational expertise.

One does not have to be a tough yacht racer to participate, or even a fit fell runner. The race attracts contestants from a great variety of sporting backgrounds as well as sailing experience, with a lot cruising sailors joining their very first race. Private crews, military, sailing clubs, university, charity teams and corporate all enter the race and battle it out on equal terms. Continue reading

Cruise liner engages in mid-Atlantic yacht rescue

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Braemar, the Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines‘ ship, came to the help of a sailing yacht that had been afloat in the mid-Atlantic Ocean for around 3 days. This involves the intriguing rescue of 3 passengers from the fourteen metre Nicollet and help of material for the yacht’s members to make essential fixes.

The 929 guest Braemar was journeying from Santa Cruz, in Tenerife to Bridgetown, in Barbados, at a speed of around 16.2 knots on 27th Dec, 2015, when the officer of the watch seen the floating sailing yacht Nicollet on the radar, 10 nautical miles from the cruise.

Braemar Fred Olsen
Continue reading

Downrigging Weekend sees smooth sailing

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With spectators pouring into Chestertown to see the majestic yachts and the weather harboring attractively, this year’s Downrigging Weekend went off without any problem. The annual wooden boat and tall ship fest ran on 29th October, Thursday, to 1st Nov, Sunday. It included public sails as well as open houses on the wooden ships, demonstrations, guest lectures, live music, displays, family fun, fireworks and refreshments.

Sultana Education Foundation president Drew McMullen (who also runs a firm that specialises in Yacht Charter in Croatia) said that it was a great weekend, and it was really nice not having a hurricane or any bad weather like they have had in the past. McMullen stated that he thought the public sails as well as open houses were the most popular scenes of the weekend. People went up aboard vessels like the Lady Maryland and Kalmar Nycke, and either dug into the ship or took a tour down Chester River.

He told that they took 867 people out on Chester this year and had one thousand others do the open houses. They are unique things to do; none else does them. Centerville’s Caroline Armstrong and Dagsboro’s Shirley Derrickson said that they have been to Downrigging many times. The two buddies staying to go sailing on Pride of Baltimore II.

Alexandria’s Erica Hanson said that her kids liked to see the ships that look like pirate ships. Her husband, who works in the United States Coast Guard, said that they do not sail stuff like this very often.

Van Diemen Sports Limousine mega yacht

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The brand new Sports Limousine from Van Diemen Luxury Crafts of Tasmania joins the bulge legion of convertible, multi-use yachts which includes the sports coupe- titled Revolver 44 GT as well as Kormoran super-transformer. Sports Limousine goes a step forward the basic electric hard-top transformable, summing up an electrically raised glasshouse to make 3 distinct body styles for a myriad of on-water uses. This is a real cozy fishing boat, semi-enclosed limousine, a roomy as well as a compact tender in one.

The important element of Sports Limousine’s design is their electrically activated roof that rises and drops into spot by way of hydraulic branches. In the boat’s most open contour, the roof panel stays on top the gunwale, covering the interior cabin as well as offering a low, streamlined shape.

Van Diemen told that this configuration is perfect for passing through at speed as well as maintaining clear visibility. Also, the compact 6.6-ft (2-m) height is handy for storage in little spaces which lack the room for a high roof, like inside a yacht’s tender bay or in a home garage. Continue reading