21 thoughts on “► SAILING ACROSS THE ATLANTIC (HD,Full Documentary)”

  1. great film, stop trying to sell the myth of global warming. the earth goes
    through cycles like anything else. just a part of the ice ages and if you
    do a bit more research you will find it’s been a cooling trend for about 80

  2. Rothschild/Rockefeller owned Max Planc institute and their propaganda scam
    of global warming.

  3. actually joe is correct..

    i remember in the 70′ when scientists were freaking out about global
    cooling and were 100%sure that we were polluting the atmosphere and
    blocking the sun, causing global cooling and we were on the way to another
    ice age….

    also if you look at global temps they have not warmed since the late
    that is why the left has changed the term from global warming to climate

  4. Excellent film and what a beautiful vessel, that sheer line is perfection.
    Only if i could afford a vessel like this, my life would be complete, i’d
    need nothing more

  5. The best sailing video on youtube so far! For me, at least.
    Is there any more footage of the same boat, same crew?

  6. Global warming government brain washing. The greatest lie ever used to
    control people raise taxes and make people wealthy and others poor. I guess
    if you dont believe in God you have to believe in something. Last time I
    checked every time al gore shows up to make his millions talking about
    global warming there is a blizzard and the two scientist who first proposed
    global warming now dismiss it. Wake up lemmings..

  7. Really nice to see a lovely old boat – not gleaming plastic rubbish. Good
    scientific work being done. But I still prefer traditional navigation!

  8. Lets get drunk, sail around the arctic, pretend like were
    environmentalists, get drunk some more, crash on a rock, then call the
    Canadian Coast Guard to bail us out. This doc was about a bunch of old
    dudes with nothin better to do but get blasted and act carelessly at the
    expense of the Canadian taxpayer.

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