Picton: The New Place for Sailing Events

The sailors, volunteers, and members of the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club will be busy as the club is going to host quite a few championship events across different boat classes. From 14th to 15th December, 4 different events have been arranged at Picton being the base. The regional race for the Marlborough Nelson Centerboard Sailing, A Class South Island Championships, Zephyr South Island Championships 2019, and the Skiff Regatta Regional Open are the four events that will be held there.

It is also known from the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club that races will run on different courses including the outer and the inner harbors. More than 80 sailors and 15 boat classes will be involved in the regatta that will go on for two days. The classes include Starling, Laser radial and full, Optimist rainbow both open and green, open skiff, Splash, Farr 3.7, Finn, A-class, Flying Dutchman, 29er, and 420. Other than these, the volunteers and members of the club are expecting that some more foiling yachts will also be present on the day of the races as entries are continuously arriving. They are also taking all the necessary measures so that every sailor who has registered their yacht names can take part in the variety of races.

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Boat Designs for America’s Cup

Even if the next edition of America’s Cup is up for 2021, there is much that is being worked upon on the boat design. As decided, the boats would be foiling monohulls of 75 foot. There is much secrecy, science, and subterfuge that is being explored in this aspect besides the sailing strategies and capabilities.

This is a covert operation of testing and design phase that is on now at full swing. The teams are working on the best dream machine they can build to win the Auld Mug. While the basic boat design has been set, there is much that can be worked around the capability of the monohulls. Known as AC75s, they can lift the boat out of the water, due to the canting hydrofoils and they can fly at speeds of 50 knots in this way. The concept definitely brings in a new era of fast sailing boats, even faster than the foiling catamarans that were used in the last two America Cup editions.
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Trinity House To Light Up Beacons To Commemorate The 100 Years For The First World War To End

10 Trinity House lighthouses and locations to be lit in memory of the casualties of First World War on 11 November 2018, to commemorate the end the World War one. Across the UK, many beacons are planned to be lit on the same day, representing the culmination of darkness and return of the light of peace and harmony at 7 pm where Trinity House will participate and all public members came to witness the display. The following locations are designated for lighting the beacons. Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Minister and Viscount Grey of Fallodon made a comment on August 1914 about the gas lights that lighted up at dusk along London. Mall while he was gazing out of the window and it paved the way for the inspiration of this event. He stated to his friend that the lamps were lit all over Europe and some of them might not even be lit in their lifetime. The commemorative event will be held throughout the day on 11 November 2018, where Beacons will be lighted as a part of Battles?

It is brought to the attention people wishing to attend the Trinity House beacon lightings that no comfort facilities are available on site and access is usually difficult. It will be interesting to see the further response to this event. The sailing world and the world of boating have been deeply affected by the same.  The heroes of the First World War have been remembered and their memories must cherish for a lifetime. It is through these noble actions in one sport can the same be replicated in the others. Trinity House actions were commended by the World media and that is indeed a good thing for the popularity of the sport.

New Zealand Got Hopes Of Gold, Thanks To A Friendly Rivalry Between Finn Pair

The sailing duo from New Zealand Andy Maloney and Josh Junior will probably remain in a head-to-head race for a spot in the team of 2020 Olympic, however, they are willing to support each other during the process. The New Zealand team teammates are working alongside and together. They are sharing information with each other in that one of the pair will deliver Olympic Gold for the nation in Olympic of 2020 Tokyo.

The junior said “Our coach is the same, we all live together and we travel together. We have been trained together, so we are friendly rivals. We just try to encourage each other to perform better and be better than others. Thus, when we are out for training and if someone is doing something good, we all talk to each other and try  to understand what they are doing and learn off from each other.”
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Sailing Races Around The World

There are several sailing events of international importance that are ongoing this weekend and next. Foremost among them is the Volvo Ocean Race that starts from Alicante. There is also a middle sea race that would span 608 miles and would start from Valletta which is a harbor area in Malta. The third event to look out for is the Annual Student Yachting World championship that is in its 37th edition and was flagged off from Frioul islands which is off the coast of Marseilles. This race concludes this weekend, which would be completing five days of consequent races.

There is also the 690 mile long race between Hong Kong to Vietnam which is happening this weekend and is in its biennial edition.

Among all these races the Volvo Ocean Race is eminent which is inevitable. This event has a lot of glitz and glamor attached to it as it will carry on through winter and continues till June 2018 when the contenders will be reaching Cape Horn or Cape of Good Hope. The race would finish at The Hague in The Netherlands. This race has a predominant European flavor, though the Chinese connections are also evident. This race will have seven skippers among whom one skipper position underwent a change when a replacement had to be sought as there was a budget overrun issue. The first leg of the race starts this weekend from the Alicante harbor of Spain, which is located on the Iberian Peninsula. The first leg continues till Lisbon in Portugal which would span 1450 miles. There are stars like Damian Foxall and Annalise Murphy, who are sailors on Volvo 65 One Designs and would be holding the attention of most people. Damian being a boy from Derrynane has proven himself in several international sailing events, Annalise Murphy has signed up to be part of the Turn the Tide on Plastic campaign.

Yacht Club de Monaco opens its doors

Solar1 launched by Nakhimov, was made to exhibit the technology and innovations in solar power. Solar1 showcased a magnificent 1st year event at new Yacht Club de Monaco earlier in July; with three days of racing, involvement from more than twenty four teams from all across the world, highly booming supporting events; from an extremely popular Solar Conference to a Kids Solar Race, with speakers from top industries. This was a magnificent event.

Solar1 really exceeded all anticipations, and are happy to officially declare the return of Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup to primarily in 2015. From 9th to 11th July, 2015, Monaco would again see squads from across the world go down to race in Larvotto bay and Port Hercules, in an even more explosive and thrilling event, for Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup World Championship award.

This year saw the very first Plain Sailing Monte Carlo Cup, where enthusiasts and experts from across the world joined together to make an unforgettable experience, offering a magnificent synergy among innovation, motion and nature. Next year’s edition would be much better and bigger; with more worldwide teams, more technological advances, higher speeds, tougher races, more competition, an all round electric experience and bigger supporting events.

The official invitation to take part in Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup has been unveiled, and already many teams have signed up to take part and defend their titles. 1st November is the deadline for team participation.