Cruise liner engages in mid-Atlantic yacht rescue

Braemar, the Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines‘ ship, came to the help of a sailing yacht that had been afloat in the mid-Atlantic Ocean for around 3 days. This involves the intriguing rescue of 3 passengers from the fourteen metre Nicollet and help of material for the yacht’s members to make essential fixes.

The 929 guest Braemar was journeying from Santa Cruz, in Tenerife to Bridgetown, in Barbados, at a speed of around 16.2 knots on 27th Dec, 2015, when the officer of the watch seen the floating sailing yacht Nicollet on the radar, 10 nautical miles from the cruise.

Braemar Fred Olsen

Braemar‘s officer reached out the Nicollet, which was on a Yacht Charter from Greece to ensure that everything was in perfect order, since the yacht was being adrift and no sails were lifted. The boat affirmed that the steering gear was bettered and the sea anchor had been positioned. The yacht had been floating for around 2-3 days, and was on its way from Las Palmas to Dominica. The Nicollet was channeling two passengers – one male and one female, as well as 2 male crew – all Polish national.

Captain Robert Bamberg, the Braemar’s Master, reached out to the Nicollet and asked what help it needed. The captain of the sailing yacht called for the cruise ship take the 2 passengers on board as well as provide some material for the essential repairs to Nicollet that the 2 crew members would carry out. Bamberg told Braemar‘s guests that the yacht would be involved in a rescue effort, and ?he maneuvered the yacht into position.