Extreme Sailing Series Update

The Extreme Sailing Series that is going on at the Madeira Islands saw a lot of conflicts coming up, especially on the penultimate day.

It was Act 6 when there was a collision between the Red Bull Sailing team and Alinghi team. The result was the Alinghi team lost their mast. Both teams have been pushing hard at each other from the beginning of the Act, especially the first two days. On the third day the drama went up another notch. On this day the Austrian Red Bull Sailing team came across the starting line at high speed and they got too close to their opposing team Alinghi. The result was that the front of the Swiss boat got clipped as a result.

The two boats being GC32 catamarans, the impact was high between the two super fast boats. A crucial part of the rigging of Alinghi snapped and their 16.5 carbon fiber mast as well as sails fell into the water. The safety team of the series came along to be by the boat and to ensure that the sailors remained safe and that no more damage was sustained. As the sailors had buoyancy aids as well as helmets along with their guests there was no injury experienced by anyone.

Alinghi’s boat was brought to the dock where the shore crew started to repair the sails. It is definitely an act against time as the finale is on for tomorrow. Alinghi was given redress for the incident that took place. They retain an overall lead as a result over the other teams like a SAP Extreme Sailing team, Oman Air, Red Bull Sailing team and others.

Within seconds the Extreme Sailing Series’ safety team was alongside the stricken boat to ensure the sailors were safe and to minimize any further damage. All the sailors and guests were wearing helmets and buoyancy aids, and no-one was injured.