18 thoughts on “Sailing Across the Pacific Ocean 2013 (Part 8) – Panama to Galapagos”

  1. Do you always throw your trash over board? Thanks for giving real sailors a
    bad reputation. 

  2. 1. Where are your life vests? 2. Why aren’t you sailing. It’s a sailboat.
    Not a motorboat.

  3. Congrats on becoming a shell back!
    I saw the drinks flowing but I didn’t see you offer coins of the realm to
    Neptune… oh oh…..

  4. What are your safety rules? I dont see a lift jacket or safety harness
    anyway! No body goes on deck with either! Its not as if your experienced

  5. WHAT THE HELL? The skipper didn’t whip you across the back and make you
    jump into the ocean naked for crossing the equator? Were you guys
    shellbacks already because if you weren’t and you were pollywogs then
    Neptune curses you on your future travels by sea. :D

  6. shaky camera – couldn’t watch it all. no safety gear, garbage being thrown
    overboard….. meh.

  7. US Navy shellback ceremony used to be pretty bad, lots of us polly wogs got
    washed off and survived a beating now I’m sure it’s all p/c congrats on the

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