Sailing Champions

There are several inspirational stories behind the contestants who would be appearing in the windsurfing event in the Games of this year. For instance, there are athletes like Ricardo Santos, who would be taking part in the Games for the fifth time and is a legacy for the athletes from his country, having the Games being hosted in the native country.

There are others, such as Byron Kokkalanis who would be coming in from Greece. With Athens known to have a legendary association with the Olympics, the competitors from this country have historic relations with this event. Byron aspires to reach levels that his compatriot did, Niko Kaklamanakis who won the gold medal in 1996 in Athens as well as won the silver medal in 2004 at the same venue. He also lit the Olympic flame in the Athens 2004 event.

Kokkalanis told Scotland yacht charter that he is looking forward to compete against his compatriot. He wants to prove that he can achieve similar feat if not better. That is the goal that would be driving him as he would be taking part in the windsurfing event in the Games this year. He also hopes to bring back a medal from Greece as it is long pending for the country.

Kokkalanis had missed out being selected for the Olympics that had been held in Beijing in 2008. His appearance in the Olympics was in 2012 in London, which was his first. He ended up in the sixth position. Since then it has been four years and he hopes that his experience would certainly make him wiser and more experienced to overcome the challenges of the Games and top over the other contenders. He had been fourth in the test event that had been held in 2014 and the second test that had been held in 2015.