25 thoughts on “Singlehanded sailing voyage from BC to Hawaii”

  1. As soon as my 34′ is finished Hilo has been my planed destination for
    years. Did you anchor in the harbor or was there a harbor to tie up to ?
    Haven’t seen one driving around the area. Otherwise than that you made a
    great video. Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing. This video actually explained a lot of questions I had
    about sailing solo and the equipment you need to safely do so.

  3. Well I really enjoyed your video, including the music. Will you be making
    another on the return trip ?!

    I’ve just retired after countless decades of work and am fantasising about
    buying a boat. I’m in Wallasey, UK near Liverpool, so might be able to make
    a rather more modest voyage up the coast to Scotland if I decide to take
    the plunge.

    Thanks again.


  4. Great adventure! What time of year did you make the journey? Looking to
    make the crossing on a 1988 50ft wood sailboat, trying to establish the
    very best time to make the journey. Thanks for a great video!

  5. This was a really nice video. very informative on problems encountered on
    voyages sailing great distance. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for the share. I can’t wait to have my own video of sailing the
    ocean, all the oceans!

  7. I know nothing about sailing. So how do you keep from hitting things at
    night? Or when you’re sleeping?

  8. Would you happen to know any really good books i could get online that
    would learn a novice not only only the basics of sailing but on the best
    rigging for single handed sailing? One thing i came across on a website
    puzzled me, China says to sail in their waters you need to have a licence
    of sorts. Does this rule apply in every nations waters? I come from England
    and had a shetland 570 which i just put in the water and went. lol Till i
    found out petrol prices for a 90cc yam hahaha was xstream. Always wanted a
    sailing boat due to a maiden voyage as a young lad on one of the ocean
    youth club boats from Cork [ Ireland ] To Scotland. I currently live in
    China although i will be moving to the Philippines around this time next
    year were i hope to pick up a sailing vessel and start doing island
    hopping. This would learn me fast. Any advice would be great. I envy you.
    Happy sailing Sir. 

  9. I know absolutely nothing about sailing and may never have the opportunity
    to sail but your video was very interesting. What an adventure. Thanks for

  10. Great video Patrick … thanks for sharing. So, how long did you stay in
    Hawaii … or are you still there?
    Fair winds and following seas …. best always, S. 

  11. Hi there, I recently bought an s&s s 34 and it came with an aeries
    windvane. I am struggling to set it up properly….do you have any advice
    as to how I can get hold of instructions?

  12. nice video man, i just learned how to sail few days ago and now looking on
    buying my first ( cheap to start ) boat. just looking at some videos and
    find this inspiring since i too well be sailing alone. thanks

  13. Nice video.
    Too bad you didn’t experiment with sheet-to-tiller methods of self-steering
    before you left. That would have made the Aries breakdowns less of a
    bother. I also would like to make this trip. Coincidently I also own a
    Spencer 35 and previous owners took it to Australia so I know it is a
    capable design.

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