Boat Designs for America’s Cup

Even if the next edition of America’s Cup is up for 2021, there is much that is being worked upon on the boat design. As decided, the boats would be foiling monohulls of 75 foot. There is much secrecy, science, and subterfuge that is being explored in this aspect besides the sailing strategies and capabilities.

This is a covert operation of testing and design phase that is on now at full swing. The teams are working on the best dream machine they can build to win the Auld Mug. While the basic boat design has been set, there is much that can be worked around the capability of the monohulls. Known as AC75s, they can lift the boat out of the water, due to the canting hydrofoils and they can fly at speeds of 50 knots in this way. The concept definitely brings in a new era of fast sailing boats, even faster than the foiling catamarans that were used in the last two America Cup editions.
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