24 thoughts on “Hold Fast 2007 Full Documentry”

  1. 56:22 Oh man, that poor fish 🙁 I would use a swift, clean cut with a
    heavier, bigger knife to chop it’s head off would be easier, cleaner, less
    gruesome than a little knife. 

  2. Talk about throwing caution to the wind… Few of us are that free of
    will. Few of us will ever had friends that close either. Thanks for the
    adventure !

  3. I found this film absolutely nauseating. These hipster posers are our
    modern day equivalent of hair metal. My original neighborhood in Brooklyn
    has been overrun with these social fashionista’s, who’s only purpose is to
    criticize the lifestyle choices of others while exalting the virtues of
    their own glorious being. Gotta love these middle class educated white kids
    pretending to be poor. That being said, to each his own…

  4. This had potential to be a good Doc. But with all the Jabs and comments
    toward things that are unrelated to the voyage it ended up crappy. Talks
    about how bad fiberglass boats are then sails in one. Talks about not
    being able to dispose of oily water properly ( actually hinting that there
    is no proper way) but yet they are the ones that just used it and disposed
    of it. Not to mention that boat was not very seaworthy. I know it got
    them where they wanted to go but man they gotta do the maintenance. And
    most of all I would beat the living crap out of and prosecute someone who
    broke into my boat or even boarded without permission. I’m the nicest guy
    you’ll ever meet. But don’t ever try to steal from me or damage my

  5. At least those guys make a great video
    Even though they had stolen others property.
    And they shared this video for free
    Keep your mind wide open

  6. Hope you guy`s are still sailing free oceans…Thumbs up for anarchy yacht

  7. I dig it. I get it. Freedom, true freedom, once found can never be
    forgotten. I found it. I will never work a regular job again. Its just to
    easy to live off the left overs of an over indulgent society. Almost
    everything you need in life can be gotten for free or cheap. So what’s the
    point if you would just be miserable otherwise?
    To those who say get a job, the job is living. 

  8. Dude, I guess when you stated that no one had sailed alone around the World
    before Bernard Moitessier, that you forgot about Joshua Slocum,… you know
    the one who Moitessier named his boat “Joshua” after? I liked the vid

  9. Unless I missed something, there was no mention of Joshua Slocum, born in
    1844, who was the first person to sail alone around the world. That would
    be a terrible oversight. Slocum’s book, “Sailing Alone Around the World”,
    was published in 1899 AND IS STILL IN PRINT.

  10. ha hah ha You actually fucking did all that??? You are PUNK ROCK!!! My
    kind of sailors, see you out there one day I hope.

  11. at 1st i thought this film is kinda boring but then it turns to one of the
    best documentary i’ve ever watch…. thanks for sharing your exp. i hope
    you’ll make another one…

  12. Hi, just wanted to say that you made a FANTASTIC documentary that was very
    well made, educational, and entertaining. Thanks for this!

  13. I love the shot when they get out the book to read about tactics of dealing
    with heavy weather while they’re in heavy weather. Brilliant.

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