25 thoughts on “Sailing by Christopher Cross in 1980”

  1. Awesome song in 1980
    Awesome song in 2014
    Great talented Performer…Sailing….Christopher Cross

  2. Yes if someone argued that it wasn’t they should be drawn and quartered.
    Holy fruit loops i didn’t even know what a boat was or what water looked
    like in 1980!!!!!

  3. Awesome song. I totally forgot about this one. Glad to have stumbled across
    it again.

  4. Carlton banks brought me here! Son’s rockin’ that earl campbell joint son! 

  5. The best smooth song ever made Yacht Rock Gold-West Coast’s Freebird or
    Stairway to Heaven

  6. Jesus Chris, nice jersey. Did you know you were going on tv this day?

    Foooootball, takes me awaaaaaay

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