9 thoughts on “Sailing Atlantic Crossing Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 – Burela Spain & Repairs”

  1. Hey Ron…….I have a wet suit at home, mask and fins…..You need to make
    certain decisions on what to bring……That did not make the packing
    list…lol….Yes, we have a SAT phone for emergencies and weather
    communication…….Thanks Ron

  2. Good Point. Picture/Video worth a 1000 words, but not in this case. Looking
    forward to every video, travel safe buddy!!!!

  3. Charlie……Immediately and in what I would consider acceptable…..NO! I
    have the new part with me….

  4. John you probably should have a wet suit and a decent set of flippers on
    board.. just as “what if” safety gear. Love your videos, waiting for each
    new one to appear.. Quick question… for ocean crossing do you have
    special radio gear, satellite phone…?

  5. 1) The water temp was 16 C or +/-60 F 2) The current was about 3 knots 3)
    The water was filthy with oil/gas/diesel/shit It was a just in case safety
    measure…..Not sure if you have been in or swim in 60 degree water…..I
    like my water 85 degrees…lol…..We really wanted a wet suit or dry suit,
    but I was not waiting another day to reset the rudder…..

  6. did the boat manufacturer help resolve the problem? Anyway,praying all goes
    well on your trip back to the States..

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