25 thoughts on “Sailing on, single handed”

  1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the video, it was poignant and telling, in a
    wonderfully quiet way. My girlfriend and I are thinking of buying a
    30footer(ish) and heading out there for some peace and quiet. Do you still
    sail and if so where inspires you??

  2. Kevin, I stripped all the teak down 8 years ago and gave it 6 layers of
    varnish. I refresh it with a couple of layers each year. The benches are
    taken off and stowed below in winter so I don’t have to renew the varnish
    there. I use Epiphanes.

  3. What a lovely video, You’re living the life most only dream of. Sorry to
    hear about your lose.
    I’ve been trying to get my future wife into sailing, I will share your
    video with her later and hope she falls in love with the idea of a live at
    sea. Thank you again for sharing. 

  4. well done you for continuing your life without change your husband would be
    mighty proud and you manage the boat well
    wish you well for the future ..

  5. Salute! Sorry for your loss! He would want you to carry on, I’ll bet!
    Fair winds~_______/)_______~:-).

  6. Enjoyed your video. You’re an inspiration to all of us dreamers who have
    yet to take the plunge into sailing. 

  7. Great video, Sorry for the loss of your husband, I’m sure he is always with
    you. May the winds always be at your back and God’s speed

  8. Thank you for sharing this.

    I hope we meet one day. The seas are vast, but somehow I imagine we’ll
    meet one day. You have an eye for beauty, and a hand to capture and share
    it with.

    And to be honest, I hope that when we meet, you need some work done so I
    can offer to trade for a painting. I certainly cannot afford to pay what
    your pieces are most certainly worth, and wouldn’t wish to insult you with
    an offer of anything less than a fair one.

    I thought my budding hobby of collecting fine visual art ended almost as
    soon as it started, as I had three pieces by the time I decided to head to
    sea. I never thought about collecting art or even admiring it at sea. And
    I now realize that being at sea offers something unique – far more of a
    chance to meet and spend quality time with an artist; and in their place of
    inspiration and work no less!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. May you have just enough
    wind to keep you moving, just enough challenges to keep you at your best,
    and enough beauty to keep inspired to share it.

  9. Ms. Tyler, I love your videos, you have a wonderful spirit. I have just
    purchased a Hallberg Rassy Monsun like yours. Unfortunately it has been
    neglected for some time. May I ask you what you use on the teak in the
    cockpit, and the cap-rail? Is it varnished or is it just teak oil? I need
    to refinish mine, and I’m hoping that it can look as nice as yours one day.
    Again thanks for the great videos (and the great paintings!) -kevin

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