Yacht race: Brisbane to Gladstone

Offshore yachting is really the best sport that can help you escape this Easter. Plenty of fresh air, out-of-range mobile phone, and distant horizons, out-of-range mobile phone and occasional ocean spray will certainly keep you refreshed when you rest on the edge of a sixty-six footer.

In the huge yachts, such as Greek Island Yacht Charters, even sea sickness is stove off as the huge hull powers through the waves smoothly, handling them away like a dad being tackled by his kids in backyard game. Over 308 nautical miles of this game would begin on Good Friday in the 68th running of the Brisbane to Gladstone classic.

And when the old days of the race have fallen away a bit, there is still a lot of ambition and competition among entrants like businessman and wealthy property owner Peter Harburg, whose yacht Blackjack won line honors as well as the handicap last year.

This would be a very special race for Harburg, who burst his leg in Sydney to Hobart race earlier in December and just stood up cautiously aboard Blackjack a week ago. Harburg stated that he is a part of the crew – a fairly important part of the crew – he does not do much of the sailing, but he writes the cheques. And they have always had a policy: the boat does not go if he is not on it.

Skipper Mark Bradford, told that having someone Harburg is really crucial for racing. He could make the job easier.